[coreboot] Problem with the size of the payload

Björn Zadow BZadow at web.de
Fri Aug 21 14:35:36 CEST 2009


I tried to build a rom Image for an Axus TC 320 using filo as payload. Everything seems OK until the message "  There is not enough room in this ROM" The size of my filo.elf file is 88400 Byte. Is this too large?
What can I do to make it smaller. Or what am i doing wrong?
I use coreboot-v2-4559.

rm -f ./coreboot.rom
cat normal/coreboot.rom  fallback/coreboot.rom > ./coreboot.rom.bootblock
./cbfs/cbfstool ./coreboot.rom create 262144 131072 ./coreboot.rom.bootblock
./cbfs/cbfstool ./coreboot.rom add-payload ../filo.elf normal/payload 
./cbfs/cbfstool ./coreboot.rom add-stage normal/coreboot_ram normal/coreboot_ram 
if [ -f normal/coreboot_apc ]; then ./cbfs/cbfstool ./coreboot.rom add-stage normal/coreboot_apc normal/coreboot_apc ; fi
./cbfs/cbfstool ./coreboot.rom add-payload ../filo.elf fallback/payload 
(cbfstool) E: There is not enough room in this ROM
make: *** [coreboot.rom] Error 255

Thanks for help

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