[coreboot] AMD Geode LX 800 and the CS5536

Vladimir Alexeev vovan.alexeev at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 18:14:08 CEST 2009

Greets to COREBOOT!

Please help me!

I have a motherboard from unknown manufacturer based on the AMD Geode
LX 800 and the CS5536 with Winbond W83627HG
And the ROM BIOS of this motherboard are broken. Could you send me the
binary IMAGE of ROM BIOS for my motherboard?
I hope this image help me return my motherboard to life.

If have this binary image. Or if u have the any compatible binary
image from COREBOOT project for use with HARDWARE FLASH PROGRAMMER.
My FLASH ROM chip are M50FLW040A-K5

The IBASE IB520 system board are very similar to my.

I can't find any BIOS on the internet. Please, someone - help me with
my problem.

Wbr, Vladimir.

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