[coreboot] [PATCH]es: enable CBFS for all boards

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Wed Aug 5 12:52:42 CEST 2009

These patches are in r4494. They have no impact except fixing compile
errors in certain corner cases, so they're in.

This patch fixes the generic code for copying and running coreboot_ram
in case certain configuration options are disabled. the strings were
just at the wrong place.

Two boards fix up some variables for romstream. This isn't necessary (or
possible) when CBFS is active, as there is no romstream. It would be
nicer to have them depend on CONFIG_ROM_PAYLOAD, but there isn't any
invariant that forces that to be inactive if CBFS is active, and this
patch is supposed to be small, esp. as the stream loaders are on the way

These patches are still in my queue. The first might break
cpu/amd/model_lx boards, and I didn't get any feedback on it, the other
one converts the entire tree to CBFS - so it has a big impact. Thus I'll
have them wait in my queue for a bit until kconfig is in, so people can
work with/on kconfig without having to care about issues that might come
from these patches.
> 20090801-1-model_lx-should-use-generic-copy-and-run
> cpu/amd/model_lx uses its own routine for copying coreboot_ram, I tried
> to make it use the generic infrastructure, but I can't test it due to
> lack of hardware.
> 20090801-4-enable-cbfs-for-all-boards
> Big patch touching nearly every board, to enable CBFS. Everything built,
> but that's all testing I could do, as the boards I have available
> already have CBFS activated


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