[coreboot] Status of AMD 780G Chipset

Yul Rottmann yulrottmann at bitel.net
Thu Apr 30 14:32:11 CEST 2009

Bao, Zheng schrieb:
> Hello, 
> It is true. The 780 document is not going to open. So I can not release
> the 780 code. I was told opening the sb700 document is going to happen.
> But I haven't got any official notice.
> Zheng Bao (from AMD)

Hello, I wait for the support, too. So is there a chance that we will be
able to use our board with coreboot at all? Can't you just release the
code, without the documentation?

What AMD does is great, I really appreciate what you do, also the free
graphics drivers.

	Yul Rottmann

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