[coreboot] Newbie source commit question

Lim, Vincent vincent.lim at amd.com
Sat Apr 25 08:07:58 CEST 2009

Hi Patrick:

Regarding micro-patch, I do not have the complete story yet. Bao Zheng
and Marc Jones added ucode support for Rev B (DR) and Rev C (RB/BL/DA)
but I have not tested it out on a actual HW. I am not sure anyone has
done it ? If I cannot get boards to test these revs, I probably will try
it on SimNow. Although the patches will be just 'pass-thru' and have no
effect on the Simulator, at least I can verify that this mechanism

I will find out more by next week.

Best Regards,

Vincent Lim
SimNow Team
Performance CoE
Central Engineering
T 512.602.1618
F 512.602.7745

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Am Samstag 25 April 2009 04:54:59 schrieb Lim, Vincent:
> Hi All:
> I would like to add the family10h Rev C0-C2 support to coreboot and I
> just wanted to make sure I've got the procedure right.
> Here are my simple chances:
> Index: src/cpu/amd/model_10xxx/model_10xxx_init.c
> ===================================================================
> --- src/cpu/amd/model_10xxx/model_10xxx_init.c  (revision 4206)
> +++ src/cpu/amd/model_10xxx/model_10xxx_init.c  (working copy)
> @@ -142,6 +142,10 @@
>         { X86_VENDOR_AMD, 0x100f2A },
> 	{ X86_VENDOR_AMD, 0x100f22 },
> 	{ X86_VENDOR_AMD, 0x100f23 },
> +       { X86_VENDOR_AMD, 0x100f40 },           /* RB-C0 */
> +       { X86_VENDOR_AMD, 0x100F42 },           /* RB-C2 */
> +       { X86_VENDOR_AMD, 0x100F52 },           /* BL-C2 */
> +       { X86_VENDOR_AMD, 0x100F62 },           /* DA-C2 */
>         { 0, 0 },
> 	 };
> Since I checkout the source as developer, I just have to do a 'svn ci
> .../model_10xxx_init.c', and someone will ack my commit ?

First, you'll have to provide a Signed-off-by  (see 
the "Developer's Certificate of Origin". Basically, it states that
allowed to release this change.

Then, someone reviews it, and - if good enough - ACKs it. I know what
change does, and know that it's fine, so I can do it:

Acked-by: Patrick Georgi <patrick.georgi at coresystems.de>

Now you can "svn ci" that change, with a commit message stating
1) what that commit does
2) your Signed-off-by line
3) my (or someone elses) Acked-By line(s)

That way, we have a record that you state that you are allowed to
release that 
change under the terms of coreboot (in this case: GPLv2), that you
approves (if he has any say), and that someone (in this case: I)
approved of 
that change.

Btw, does this mean that the microcode for those CPUs will be released,

Patrick Georgi

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