[coreboot] unexpected exception errors loading vga rom

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Thu Apr 23 21:18:23 CEST 2009

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 01:19:25 -0400, Joseph Smith <joe at settoplinux.org>
> On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 23:58:21 -0400, Joseph Smith <joe at settoplinux.org>
> wrote:
>> YAHOO!!!!
>> Well there is definitely something wacked out on x86emu and yabel. For
> the
>> hell of it I tried VM86 and VGA comes right up with no errors. And VM86
> is
>> way faster x86emu and yabel. With my debug level still at 9 and a 5
> second
>> delay for filo, I am at the filo prompt in 15 seconds :-) This used to
>> take
>> about 25-30 seconds with x86emu.
>> One question, is this normal for VM86?
>> (from bootlog)
>> PCI: 00:02.0 init
>> On mainboard, rom address for PCI: 00:02.0 = fff00000
>> PCI Expansion ROM, signature 0xaa55, INIT size 0x10000, data ptr 0x0040
>> PCI ROM Image, Vendor 8086, Device 3577,
>> PCI ROM Image,  Class Code 030000, Code Type 00
>> copying VGA ROM Image from fff00000 to 0xc0000, 0x10000 bytes
>> biosint: INT# 0xd
>> biosint: eax 0x23fddfef ebx 0x0 ecx 0x2f6 edx 0x3b4
>> biosint: ebp 0x10fac esp 0xc89 edi 0x4028 esi 0x24028
>> biosint:  ip 0xffff   cs 0xc000  flags 0x813
>> biosint: Oops, exception 13
>> Stack contents: 0xffff 0xc000 0x0813 0xbffd 0xf7fb 0xffdf 0xffff 0xbfff
>> 0xabf3 0xff55 0x55ff 0xf3fa 0x5cfd 0xffeb 0xffff 0xf9ff 0xff7f 0x7fbd
>> 0xfffd 0xffff 0xf3ff 0xffdf 0x7ffe 0xdffb 0xfffb 0xffd7 0x5fff 0xf1f7
>> 0xf6ee 0x7faf 0xffff 0xedff 0xeff5 0xffbd 0xfbff 0x7ebf 0xffeb 0xf75f
>> 0x5fff 0xfffa 0xfff6 0xb75f 0xffff 0xf7ff 0x5ffd 0xfdfd 0xfbff 0xfefd
>> 0xf7f7 0xffaf 0xfbff 0xffff 0xebef 0xfb7e 0xdfff 0xff73 0xaf97 0xffff
>> 0xdfbf 0xffff 0xfbff 0xfffb 0xbf7f 0xe9ef 0x7ddf 0xfe9d 0xfff7 0xffff
>> 0x3bff 0xffcf 0xffff 0x5f7f 0xbfbb 0xff7f 0xdfff 0xebfe 0x7fff 0xffaf
>> 0xffff 0xef8f 0x7f5f 0xffbd 0xff7f 0xbf6f 0xf3ef 0xff5e 0xf7ff 0xbfff
>> 0xd3ff 0xff5e 0xf7df 0xffff 0xdf5f 0x7fbf 0xffff 0xefbf 0x7fdf 0xbfbf
>> 0xffff 0xffb7 0xf7ff 0xff7f 0x7fff 0xff77 0xdbef 0xbfd7 0xffff 0xdfdb
>> 0x7fce 0xffed 0xfeff 0xf9ff 0xf7ff 0xfbff 0xbaff 0xffcf 0xabbb 0xff56
>> 0xffff 0xffff 0x3fcf 0xffde 0x7fff 0xfffa 0x7fc7 0xffd7 0xefff 0xe3af
>> 0xfef7 0xbfeb 0x7fef 0xbfdd 0xbbfb 0xffff 0xf7ff 0xbefe 0xafff 0xdb5f
>> 0xdffb 0xebff 0xdfff 0xff9f 0xfffd 0xf5ff 0x7ddf 0xffbd 0xfaef 0xbeff
>> 0xfbbb 0xffd7 0xffff 0xfbff 0xa7eb 0xfff6 0xdfff 0xeffe 0xfeff 0xffed
>> 0xeaff 0xbffb 0xd9fd 0xfffd 0xffff 0x7fc5 0xebab 0xfbdf 0xdfbf 0xbf7e
>> 0xe7f6 0xafd6 0xfffe 0xfdfe 0x5cf9 0xfffb 0xfeff 0xfbfd 0xfffd 0xffbe
>> 0xffff 0xffff 0xffff 0xfbaf 0xffff 0xfef7 0x7fff 0xffff 0x7fff 0xfff7
>> 0xeffb 0x7fbf 0xeeff 0x6dbf 0xb4f7 0x7fa0 0xfbfe 0xdf3d 0xb7bb 0xbfd7
>> 0xffff 0xff7f 0xfffe 0xffd7 0xf5df 0xfbff 0xfdcd 0xffaf 0xffff 0xeb9f
>> 0x5cff 0x7fbb 0xef7f 0xffdf 0xaeff 0xff77 0x7fff 0x7fff 0xa3aa 0xfb7e
>> 0xffff 0xeff7 0xbddf 0xffaf 0xff7f 0xffee 0xdefd 0xfeb9 0xfbf5 0x5f8f
>> 0xb7ff 0xa357 0x7ffb 0x3fff 0x37af 0xff5e 0xffdf 0xe7ff 0xfcd7 0xffe9
>> 0xfeff 0xefff 0x7bff 0xdfdf 0xffff 0xdfdf 0xffff 0xf773 0xd7bb 0xdfff
>> 0xbfeb 0xf74f 0x7ffa 0xf7ff 0xdfff 0xdfea 0xfef7 0xebdf 0xdc77 0xfeff
>> 0xe77f 0xfffd 0xebfb 0xfff7 0xbfff 0xfefb 0xefff 0xff7f 0xffff 0xfd7f
>> 0xfeff 0xfea7 0xfbff 0xedf7 0x7cdd 0x7fed 0xfee7 0xdeff 0xe75d 0xfff6
>> 0x7fff 0xfebf 0xdfbb 0xffff 0xffff 0xf7ff 0x5edf 0xfdeb 0xeefd 0xf7f7
>> 0xfdfd 0x7fbb 0xfeef 0xbffd 0xa9fe 0xffde 0xfffe 0xbf7f 0xeffb 0xf7fe
>> 0x7dff 0xeb7e 0xfdd7 0xfff9 0xfb7f 0xffff 0x7c7f 0xff9f 0xfef5 0x9edf
>> 0xe7be 0xff77 0xffdb 0xfff6 0xbf9b 0xf7f7 0xffff 0xfff2 0xdf1d 0xfe6d
>> 0xffff 0xed7e 0x7d77 0xfc9d 0x7eef 0x5efd 0xfffb 0xff57 0x75df 0xff7f
>> 0xfb2b 0xff57 0xfffa 0xff97 0xd9df 0xfffd 0xffff 0xefdf 0x55ff 0xffeb
>> 0xff6f 0xdf7d 0xe7fb 0xff56 0xffff 0xffff 0xfffe 0xf777 0xdfff 0xffff
>> 0xffff 0xfff5 0xffff 0xf1ff 0xffdf 0xffff 0xffff 0xffdd 0xffeb 0xeb5f
>> 0xffff 0xfeff 0xfbab 0xfb77 0xfdff 0xffff 0xffdf 0xff3f 0xffff 0xffef
>> 0x7fff 0xffef 0xffff 0xffff 0xf7bf 0xff7f 0xffff 0xfff7 0xf7ff 0xff7e
>> 0xb4ff 0x1e03 0x7f45 0xac03 0x710f 0x0a49 0x80bd 0x0000 0x0400 0x0121
>> 0xe400 0x010f 0xe200 0x000f 0x0000 0x01c0 0xb400 0x0003 0x0200 0x0100
>> 0xff00 0x00ff 0x7c00 0xe4ba 0x010f 0x94e0 0x0649 0x0000 0x01c0 0x8000
>> 0x0000 0xf600 0x712f 0x0a49 0x80bd 0x0000 0x0400 0x0121 0xe400 0x010f
>> 0xe200 0x000f 0x0000 0x01c0 0xb400 0x0003 0x0200 0x0100 0xff00 0x00ff
>> 0x7c00 0x3eba 0x40ba 0x0000 0x4000 0x04fc 0x6421 0xfabf 0x040f 0x0921
>> 0xf400 0xf4bf 0x46bf 0x4100 0x00b0 0x6600
>> biosint: Bailing out
> I guess I spoke too soon, when booting Linux I am getting a bunch of
> page_fault Kernel panics :-( WTF!
Ah, looks like "biosint: Oops, exception 13" is a CPU-generated exception.
Maybe I need to take a look at the CPU code the IP1000 uses??? Maybe it
need a microcode update???

Joseph Smith

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