[coreboot] coreboot emails, and trac email integration

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Apr 21 00:48:06 CEST 2009

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> >> (Did trac get the mail-patches-to-list feature in the meantime?)
> >>     
> > Even more spam on the list? No thanks.
> >
> > We already have a bad S/N ratio here (for example, it's usually 4
> > mails per commit: patch, acked-by mail, commit mail, "committed
> > in r1234" acknowledgement by the committer.)
> Mail is a push-based interface. Trac is a poll-based interface. As
> long as patches attached in trac don't get forwarded to the list,
> it makes IMHO not much sense to attach patches in trac because
> they'd have to be sent to the list as well which sort of defeats
> the purpose of trac.

Both of you make good points!

Commit mails could be moved to a separate list. This might be a
really good idea.

The ack could be only in trac (but should be possible to send via
email to trac) and maybe not generate any email at all.

I agree trac should be able to attach patches. But! I'm not so sure
trac should always send emails to the list.

Maybe tickets should not generate any emails at all to the list, but
rather people add addresses and or other users to particular tickets.

To still keep the list updated, the ticket summary interval could be
shortened a little, instead of having every ticket change generate an

I think an application is better for tracking state. The mailing list
is more of a continuous medium, at least for me.


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