[coreboot] Via vx855 release status

bari bari at onelabs.com
Thu Apr 16 19:15:29 CEST 2009

Richard Smith wrote:
> Rudolf Marek wrote:
>>> So I'm looking for a few developers (just as a precaution) who are 
>>> under NDA with Via and want to start helping with integrating this 
>>> code into upstream.

I'd be happy to take a look. I've been waiting to see which EC the 
Samsung cn20 uses with Nano+vx800.

>  If for some reason there is 
> still non-public code in the tree and we find it then there is no harm 
> since only NDA people are looking at it.  We just cut it and go on. Just 
> trying to respect Via's willingness to let us release whats essentially 
> a tarball snapshot of Jason's tree.

Not a problem.
> Ok Stefan is also working on this.  He's going to set up a private repo 
> for us to work against.  Keeping code in the private tree should not 
> take too long depending on how deep you want to get in to reworking the 
> things.

> They seem to have implemented a whole slew of custom Via ways of doing 
> config space writes. I think those all need to be unified.  Not sure if 
> you want that done before or after the public push.
> One thing is that we can't release it as a Via board.  Currently there 
> is a new Via board called the 6413e which is the engineering board.  We 
> have to change that to be OLPC/Gen_1.5A so that it appears this is for 
> the OLPC board and not an official Via release.  Via just wants it to be 
> clear that this is a customer release and not a Via release.
> The gen 1.5 Atest board will for the most part be the same as the 6413e 
> but its Got EC code tacked on the front.  ATest1 is going to have a SPD 
> on board so that its easier for quanta to use COTS bios when testing. 
> Atest2 boards probably won't have spd and will need to choose from a few 
> fixed tables based on some gpios.  Depending on how Atest goes we might 
> delay the spd removal until BTest.
I'm waiting for the vx855 netbooks to hit the shelves, preferably with a 
Renasas EC. Can you tell us which EC the gen 1.5 is going to use? ENE or?


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