[coreboot] Via vx855 release status

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 18:55:02 CEST 2009

Rudolf Marek wrote:

>> So I'm looking for a few developers (just as a precaution) who are 
>> under NDA with Via and want to start helping with integrating this 
>> code into upstream.
> Well perhaps thats me. I have a VIA NDA with them. Ask Bruce Chang for 
> details.

I trust you.  Its really just caution.  If for some reason there is 
still non-public code in the tree and we find it then there is no harm 
since only NDA people are looking at it.  We just cut it and go on. 
Just trying to respect Via's willingness to let us release whats 
essentially a tarball snapshot of Jason's tree.

> I think I can find some time for this. I just don't want to loose that 
> code.

Ok Stefan is also working on this.  He's going to set up a private repo 
for us to work against.  Keeping code in the private tree should not 
take too long depending on how deep you want to get in to reworking the 

They seem to have implemented a whole slew of custom Via ways of doing 
config space writes. I think those all need to be unified.  Not sure if 
you want that done before or after the public push.

One thing is that we can't release it as a Via board.  Currently there 
is a new Via board called the 6413e which is the engineering board.  We 
have to change that to be OLPC/Gen_1.5A so that it appears this is for 
the OLPC board and not an official Via release.  Via just wants it to be 
clear that this is a customer release and not a Via release.

The gen 1.5 Atest board will for the most part be the same as the 6413e 
but its Got EC code tacked on the front.  ATest1 is going to have a SPD 
on board so that its easier for quanta to use COTS bios when testing. 
Atest2 boards probably won't have spd and will need to choose from a few 
fixed tables based on some gpios.  Depending on how Atest goes we might 
delay the spd removal until BTest.

Richard A. Smith
smithbone at gmail.com

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