[coreboot] v2 newconfig romfs->cbfs

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Apr 15 23:33:52 CEST 2009

ron minnich wrote:
> > Can someone comment on whether it's simply safe to change that to a
> > fixed coreboot.cbfs filename?
> yes.


> I can do it if you want, or Patrick can.

Turns out I did it already but was unsure if it was safe.

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v2 newconfig: romfs->cbfs

Signed-off-by: Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se>

Index: config.g
--- config.g	(revision 4113)
+++ config.g	(working copy)
@@ -2278,15 +2278,15 @@
 	romsize = getoption("ROM_SIZE", image)
 	# i.name? That can not be right, can it? 
-	file.write("%sfs: %s cbfstool\n" %(i.name,i.name));
+	file.write("coreboot.cbfs: %s cbfstool\n" % i.name);
 	file.write("\trm -f coreboot.cbfs\n");
-	file.write("\t./cbfstool %sfs create %s %s %s.bootblock\n" % (i.name, romsize, bootblocksize, i.name))
+	file.write("\t./cbfstool coreboot.cbfs create %s %s %s.bootblock\n" % (romsize, bootblocksize, i.name))
 	for i in buildroms:
 		for j in i.roms:
 			#failover is a hack that will go away soon. 
 			if (j != "failover") and (rommapping[j] != "/dev/null"):
 				file.write("\tif [ -f %s/cbfs-support ]; then ./cbfstool %sfs add-payload %s %s/payload `cat %s/cbfs-support`; fi\n" % (j, i.name, rommapping[j], j, j))
-		file.write("\t ./cbfstool %sfs print\n" % i.name)
+		file.write("\t ./cbfstool coreboot.cbfs print\n")
 	file.write(".PHONY: all clean cbfstool")
 	for i in romimages.keys():

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