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Hi all,

The OLPC guys will be discussing coreboot in a couple of hours, if someone
would like to join to lend a hand, here's the e-mail:

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Subject: 2PM EDT Friday: BRIEF Contributors Program Mtg (#olpc-meeting)
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 Join us reviewing the latest OLPC/Sugar community projects today 2PM EDT
(Boston Time) -- in 3 hrs from now:

Then type at bottom:
  /join #olpc-meeting


* New Library Emerging!  How you too can help start an XO Laptop library:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

* Questions about free Hardware/Parts Returns just shipped: (DEADLINE

* Fast Review of the latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

*1. Coreboot and OLPC [North Carolina, USA]

   Also requests: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Serial_adapters

   Project Objectives:
   Investigate Coreboot firmware looking from the angle of debuggability;
   particularly related to standby/resume, or other challenges.*

2. [GeneralCompute] Project Proposal - Request for platform. [Cambridge, UK]

   Project Objectives:
   Most computing device in the market have more that one
   processor i.e. CPU, GPU (programmable/non-programmable), DSP etc.
   These processors are supplied by different or same vendor. But to take
   advantage of these processors, vendors usually supply different set of
   APIs for each of these processors. There is a publicly available open
   standard that defines a common API to take advantage of these
   heterogenous computing devices. The OLPC laptop already has a GPU.
   Hence it already is hosting atleast two computing devices. It will be
   beneficial to support a "General Compute" API for the developers who
   can then take advantage of these devices in a uniform manner. This
   proposal will benefit the programmers who develop middleware or

3. Apache Proxy CRCsync Project and Finger-painting Interface - USA, Belgium

   Project Objectives:

   FingerPaint Project
   1. Integrating a chosen paint application with TinyMCE editor as a
   2. Profiling of the software stack that is used by the fingerpaint
      application so that the performance can be improved:

   RProxy Project
   1. Performance testing of RProxy modules .(Stability testing, surf the
      internet through the proxy to collect compression rate statistics in
      the logs from real-live usage in stead of artificial test scenario's,
   2. Development and testing of required Plugins for XO School server to
      integrate PaintWEB and RProxy module in the latest version of XO

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