[coreboot] flashrom fails to write/erase on VIA VT8237

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Apr 6 14:48:21 CEST 2009

Hi Vinod,

vinuxesgmail wrote:
> Could u derives anything from the output that i have sent? Awaiting
> reply!

The output is surprising. If I interpret the 8237 datasheet
correctly, GPO24 should already be high, and the chip should be

These are open drain outputs however so if the GPIOA net does not
have a pullup resistor (should be on page 14 in the schematic) that
could explain the behavior we are seeing.

Another explanation is that the correct IO register is actually
offset 0x4c and not 0x4f. Then I have simply misunderstood the byte
ordering of the GPOVAL, that is definately a possibility.


* Check for a pullup on the GPIOA net. If it is missing, try adding one.
* Run ./io r44c r44d r44e r44f
  If the first byte has some bits unset, I misunderstood the byte order.

I hope this brings us closer to a solution!


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