[coreboot] question about irc

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Apr 1 19:12:47 CEST 2009

Hi Jason,

Jason Wang wrote:
> Is there anyone who know how to use IRC to join in coreboot chat?

Sure thing! IRC is a chat network with special chat servers that
everyone can connect to. You can run an IRC client program on your
own computer (many exist for different operating systems) or you can
use one of several web based IRC clients:

(Select IRC: Freenode, choose your own Nick and Channel is #coreboot)

Nickname (choose your own)
Server irc.freenode.net
Port 6667
Channel #coreboot
No password is needed.

> I really do not know how to apply an account for it.

You do not need an account to connect to IRC, but different IRC
networks have different policies when it comes to nicknames. For
Freenode it is recommended that you pick a unique nickname that noone
else on Freenode is using, and that you register the nickname with
the Freenode services. You do this after you have connected with your
nickname. There is more information at

Please ask again if you run into any trouble! I look forward to
talking to you in the channel. :)


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