[coreboot] flashrom fails to write/erase on VIA VT8237

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Apr 1 19:06:17 CEST 2009

Hi Vinod,

vinuxes gmail wrote:
> Is there something that i can look into? or any pointers?

> > Found chipset "VIA VT8237", enabling flash write... OK.
> > Found board "Portwell PPAP-2020VL", enabling flash write... OK.
> > Found chip "SST SST49LF004A/B" (512 KB) at physical address 0xfff80000.
> > Erasing flash chip... ERASE FAILED!

Ok. I guess my board enable code doesn't work properly. Maybe you can
help me look into the relevant registers manually?

Please download http://stuge.se/io.c and compile it using:
gcc -O2 -o io io.c

Please run:
setpci -d 1106:3227 e6.b 88.l

The command should print one hexadecimal byte and one hex long.
Please save these values.

Use bits 8-15 as port bits 8-15 and use 4f as bits 0-7, then please
run io:
./io r__4f

(Replace __ here with bits 8-15 from the hex long value from setpci.)

After this, please run flashrom with the patch. (It will still fail.)

Then please run the setpci and io command again, and finally send an
email with the output from all commands.

Thanks for your help!


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