[coreboot] flashrom patch: add support for Abit AB-BM6 board

Tim ter Laak timl at scintilla.utwente.nl
Tue Sep 30 11:28:53 CEST 2008

On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Peter Stuge wrote:

> Tim ter Laak wrote:
>>> Could you post lspci -vnn for this board?
> ..
>> Unfortunately, it seems Abit does not set the subsystem IDs on
>> startup,
> And nothing in hardware?

Nope. The config bytes 2c-2f on all the board's PCI devices are 0. The 
440BX manual states that they are write-once and have to be set during 
bootup; I suspect the same is true for the southbridge.

Or are you hinting at something completely different?

>> chipset is hardly unique either (440BX/PIIX4E/W83977EF), there are
>> already several boards in Coreboot with this exact combo.
> I try to use onboard devices.

Am I right in thinking we can only use PCI devices for board 
identification? Unfortunately this board has no PCI devices other than 
those in the north- and southbridges (and expansion cards). No onboard 
sound, vga or ethernet.

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