[coreboot] [FILO] #1: ext2 won't work if FAT is enabled

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Mon Sep 29 21:33:38 CEST 2008

#1: ext2 won't work if FAT is enabled
    Reporter:  hawke at hawkesnest.net  |         Owner:  stepan            
        Type:  defect                |        Status:  assigned          
    Priority:  minor                 |     Milestone:  FILO 0.6          
   Component:  FILO                  |       Version:                    
  Resolution:                        |      Keywords:                    
Dependencies:                        |   Patchstatus:  patch needs review

Comment(by oxygene):

 After some talk on IRC, it was clear that the patch only solves the issue
 part-way: FAT isn't a "grab-all" filesystem anymore, but now it's "grab

 new version of the patch with strcmp(...) replaced by strncmp(..., 5), so
 the 0x20 padding of the type field doesn't interfere.

 hawke tested such a change already, so I think it's good to go, but I'll
 wait for a day for comments.

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