[coreboot] it8712f patch

Marc Jones Marc.Jones at amd.com
Tue Sep 23 18:28:20 CEST 2008

Andy Jakobs wrote:
> Dear Marc,
> I am happy, that there is still work on the A8N-E, as I own such a board.
> Unfortunately the PS/2 keyboard port is not working yet (see also build 
> tutorial from the wiki).
> I already applied your patch and it ended in a grub or filo shell.
>  From a second PC I can access the filo shell and type in commands over 
> minicom.
> For grub2 this does not work.
> So do you have an instruction for me, how to test that your patch is 
> successfull?
> Do you need the minicom log?

This patch affected a platform that used the same SIO but at the other 
input clock rate. If you get the minicom log then the patch is working 
since the clockrate affects the UART rate. So, Please send your Acked-by:

I also see the ps/2 keyboard problem with this SIO. It seems to be 
something with the linux keyboard init. The keyboard works in filo and 
then stops when linux loads. I have been able to get it unstuck by 
reading the input buffer by hand. My guess is there is something left in 
buffer that linux isn't expecting. Probably a KBC bug. USB keyboards 
work fine in linux on my platform so this was a lower priority but I 
will look at this more today.


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