[coreboot] Coreboot v3 producing 4 gigabyte files

Stephen Crocker scrocker at ampltd.com
Wed Sep 17 17:59:47 CEST 2008

Stephen Crocker wrote:
> I am now trying to build a SeaBIOS payload but I am getting very odd 
> errors.  I have attached a log listing these.  The later ones are 
> particularly alarming, as they seem to indicate that a header file is 
> conflicting with itself!

Just as an update, I have not fixed this by using the AVOiDCOMBINE flag 
but I now get the following:

   Precompiling src/rombios32.lds.S
   Linking (no relocs) out/rom32.o
   Precompiling src/rombios16.lds.S
   Linking out/rom16.o
   Precompiling src/rombios.lds.S
   Linking out/rom.o
out/rom32.o: In function `init_bda':
out/../src/post.c:102: undefined reference to `diskette_param_table2'

It looks as if the blob file is not being linked in correctly.

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