[coreboot] M50FW080 replacement

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Sep 17 14:05:57 CEST 2008

Karl-Heinz Nirschl wrote:
> SST49LF080

Note that this is not a FWH part and thus is not compatible. It only
understands LPC memory cycles so it can't be used in Intel or other
FWH-configured systems.

> SST49LF008

This one will work.
The full part number is SST49LF008A-33-4C-NHE

Another option is Winbond W39V080FCPZ

Or you can get an RD1-FWH8 BIOS savior which will also have a
compatible flash chip.

Numonyx (former ST) and Spansion (former AMD) have both dropped LPC
flash, for our uses they only have SPI now. (And both mention 64Mbit
as well as 128Mbit SPI chips on their web page now. :)


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