[coreboot] patch: v3 dts support for multiple link devices such as k8 north

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 05:53:07 CEST 2008

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 6:12 PM, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
<c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net> wrote:

> I feel bad for pointing out more problems.
> IIRC dev->bus.dev used to point to the parent device. With the current
> patch, lots of devices are their own parents.

OK, my bad, I just fixed it and it removed 3 lines:

struct device dev_root = {
        .bus = &dev_root.link[0],
struct device dev_cpus = {
        .bus = &dev_root.link[0],
struct device dev_apic_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_root.link[0],
struct device dev_domain_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_root.link[0],
struct device dev_domain_0_pci_1_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0.link[0],
struct device dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0.link[0],
struct device dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0_pci_0_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0.link[0],
struct device dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0_pci_4_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0.link[0],
struct device dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0_pci_5_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0.link[0],
struct device dev_domain_0_pci1_18_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0.link[1],
struct device dev_domain_0_pci2_18_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0.link[2],
struct device dev_domain_0_pci2_18_0_pci_2_0 = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0_pci0_18_0.link[2],
struct device dev_domain_0_ioport_2e = {
        .bus = &dev_domain_0.link[0],
struct device_operations *all_device_operations[] = {
        .bus = &dev_root.link[0],


> To be honest, I think the design of the patch has potential for
> improvement (my personal opinion only). Three points stick out:
> - The dummy struct device with full config (including primary link
> config) for each non-primary link seems like a fifth wheel.

no, it is needed for the dynamic device tree code. What's going to
happen is that the bus
struct for that device, although in the primary link, points to that
fifth wheel. It looks odd but
IIRC it does work. Let's leave it in.

> - The dual-purpose struct device for a device and its primary link will
> make more complex HT scenarios a real nightmare, potentially triggering
> a complete rewrite.

Maybe. It has indeed worked for some years, and some weird configurations.

> - No explicit designation of link numbers for HT in the dts and usage of
> clever magic instead.

agreed. This is going to work for now. Once k8 is up and working we
may need another spin
on the device code.

Testing now on both platforms ... I assume if I post an "it works" and
you see this fixed parent link, we are good to go?


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