[coreboot] Via vt8237 bug/romcc segfault

Alex Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Tue Sep 16 19:59:19 CEST 2008

In trying to use the latest coreboot with my Jetway board, I've run into
the following errors:

First, in src/southbridge/via/vt8237r/vt8237r.h:
vt8237r.h:96.24: Unknown attribute:packed

Simple enough to remove the relevant attribute...


vt8237r_early_smbus.c:342.62: Junk at end of integer constant

The constant here is:
 #define VT8237S_SPI_MEM_BASE            0xfed02000ULL
So I remove the ULL, and now I get a segfault from romcc!

Anyone have any idea what's going on here?

-Alex Mauer "hawke"

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