[coreboot] v2: The elfboot process with 128MB RAM

Mats Erik Andersson mats.andersson at gisladisker.se
Thu Sep 11 02:04:29 CEST 2008

Dear Tim ter Laak,

I certainly appreciate your company in out quest for knowledge!

> So long as I didn't change the values hardcoding the 64 MB limit, I could 
> boot fine into the payload, even with all three DIMMs present. With the 
> changes in raminit.c, elfboot/Coreinfo stops with an exception 6 (illegal 
> opcode), as per the log below.

Here the higher memory devices were simply ignored. Thus no interference.

> differences. My prime suspect for now is the Memory Buffer Strength 
> Control Register (0x69-0x6e), but I haven't had the chance to test that 
> yet, and am not certain by a long shot that it's it. I'm including the 
> dumps below, in case you can use them to better understand the problem
> with your own board.

> Unfortunately, setting the MBSC Registers to values that work in the warm 
> reboot doesn't get me any further. I have noticed however that I don't 
> always get exception 6, but also 13 (general protection error), or just a 
> hang with no exception message. I'll continue to look further.

My logging reveals results identical to yours, and there is either a blind
halt, exceptions 6 or 13, and as of lately a reproducable exception -1.

At present I am experimenting with these settings:

	pci_write_config16(ctrl->d0, RPS, 0x0055); // Always 4kB page size.
	pci_write_config16(ctrl->d0, SDRAMC, 0x0103);
	/* Only devices with two banks, until tested to be four banks. */
	data = 0x00;
	if ( spd_read_byte(ctrl->channel0[0], 17) == 0x04 )
		data |= 0x03;
	if ( spd_read_byte(ctrl->channel0[1], 17) == 0x04 )
		data |= (0x03 << 2);
	/* The value (data << 8) produces correct bank flags for PGPOL. */
	pci_write_config16(ctrl->d0, PGPOL, 0x07 | (data << 8));
	pci_write_config32(ctrl->d0, MBSC, 0x0003c003);

Apart from the dynamic bank/row detection, these are the only settings
that I am manipulating at present.

One remarkable observation is that with these and similar settings,
two double-sided 128MB cards with identical SPD-data 0x00 to 0x3d
produce disparate results: one of them verifies RAM from 1MB to 128MB--,
whereas the other verifies only 1MB to 64MB--. Explanation anyone?
They support latency CL3 and CL2. Another 128MB double-sided card
which only supports CL3, is still verifying all 128MB of RAM.

I suspect that the burst length must be understood better, as well
as the strobe signals, but I find my present references to be
insufficient at the moment.

Best regards for now,

Mats E Andersson

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