[coreboot] v2: The elfboot process with 128MB RAM

Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 15:12:22 CEST 2008

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 8:56 AM, Tim ter Laak <timl at scintilla.utwente.nl> wrote:
> Hello Mats and others,
> Like you, I am trying to get Coreboot-v2 up and running on a 440BX-based
> board (Abit AB-BM6), with more than the currently hardcoded 64 MB of RAM. I
> think I'm also running into the same problem.
> My current setup involves 384 MB of RAM, with the appropriate changes to the
> hardcoded values in raminit.c (I haven't tried auto-detecting them yet, but
> I'm curious for your patch), and uses Coreinfo as the payload for now.
> So long as I didn't change the values hardcoding the 64 MB limit, I could
> boot fine into the payload, even with all three DIMMs present. With the
> changes in raminit.c, elfboot/Coreinfo stops with an exception 6 (illegal
> opcode), as per the log below.
> The curious thing is though, that when I first boot Linux with the original
> BIOS, flash the chip to Coreboot, and then do a warm reboot into my freshly
> burned Coreboot, it does succeed. Because of this, I'm guessing there's
> something that Coreboot neglects to initialize, but luckily also doesn't
> reset.
> I've compared the dumps from "Northbridge following SDRAM init:" for the
> cold boot and the warm reboot from Linux, and there are indeed some
> differences. My prime suspect for now is the Memory Buffer Strength Control
> Register (0x69-0x6e), but I haven't had the chance to test that yet, and am
> not certain by a long shot that it's it. I'm including the dumps below, in
> case you can use them to better understand the problem
> with your own board.
> With a bit of luck I can test my theory this evening, I'll keep you posted.
> Kind regards,
>        Tim.

Can you also include lspci -xxx -s 0:0.0 from the stock bios?


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