[coreboot] via vt82c686 southbridge

Daniel Lindenaar daniel-coreboot at lindenaar.eu
Fri Sep 5 12:13:59 CEST 2008

Quoting "Stefan Reinauer" <stepan at coresystems.de>:

> Daniel Lindenaar wrote:
>> hmmm it's working partly, it seems. First i did something wrong that
>> skrewed up the com port setup, which I fixed. I now get the debug
>> messages I added via the serial line, but, strangely, only when i do a
>> (warm) reboot from a running linux, not with a cold boot...
> This sounds an awful lot like superio init, or some GPIO issue.
> Are you initializing your superio correctly? Does your board use the
> 82c686 superio? Or does it have an extra superio?
> (Check with superiotool)
>> probably something needs to be set that doesn't get set by default on
>> cold reboot.
>> Anyway, it's the SMBus controller where things go wrong; the log says:
>> SMBUS controller not found
> What device are you looking for at that point?
> On the vt82c686 the smbus device has vendor 0x1106 and device 0x3057
hmm i'll have to look into the code (at work, now). In linux the  
device is shown as vt82xxx ACPI and power something.. and that device  
includes the SMBus controller at some IO offset. I'm pretty sure I'm  
using the right PCI device, bus maybe the IO offset is wrong.

It's using the 82c686 superio and superiotool doesn't find any other,  
so I'm pretty sure it's the integrated one. I'll need to check the  
SMBus code path's and/or initialisation code and see if there's  
something wrong.

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