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bari wrote:
> Paul Menzel wrote:
>> Does anyone know about which boards they are talking? And have the
>> developers of coreboot experienced any improvement in cooperation?
> VIA gave us V2 CAR for C7.
> VIA fixed raminit for the CN700 so we can now support all the C7 +
> CN700 + vt8237 boards (about 30- 40 currently in production) in V2 and
> move them into V3.
> VIA helped support the vt8237s and KT890 for the a8v-e_se and m2v-mx_se.
> VIA posted programming guides for CX700M/VX700 and VX800
> http://linux.via.com.tw/support/downloadFiles.action

We have been working with VIA to get a CX700 port done long before they
opened that documentation. At the moment the port is sleeping, but only
few things have to be fixed before it can be released. Stay tuned.

I want to take the opportunity to thank VIA for their great help. They
started thinking Open Source a long time before they actually hired
Harald Welte! Way to go!

As a comparison: The fact that Intel is hallowed so much for their Open
Source commitment is a joke, when it comes down to Firmware development.
It has been extremely hard to work with them so far. In fact at this
point I would say they do actively avoid working with us for the
funniest of all reasons. I found comments on Slashdot conspiring how the
great Open Source work on Intel forced VIA into action. If only Intel
would be a small tiny bit as cooperative as VIA was, we would see a vast
amount of Intel systems supported in coreboot today.

Public perception is not always the measure of all things.

Best regards,

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