[coreboot] coreboot.v2+seabios on 440bx: option roms not found

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Thu Oct 30 15:34:53 CET 2008

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> Subject: [coreboot] coreboot.v2+seabios on 440bx: option roms not found
> In northbridge/intel/i440bx/raminit.c:sdram_set_spd_registers all PAM
> registers are programmed for RAM R/W access (0x33).
> When SeaBIOS searches for option ROMs (including VGA ROM) it doesn't do
> anything about PAM, so it sees empty memory instead of the ROMs.
> I am not sure what is the best solution here. It is debatable how
> coreboot should set PAM register, and it is not right to make SeaBIOS
> too hardware dependent.
> Maybe coreboot could somehow export functions for setting access to
> option ROM space (aka legacy memory segments) and SeaBIOS could call them.

I think SeaBIOS expects Coreboot to copy the option ROM to 0xc0000 in RAM.
That way SeaBIOS gets to stay hardware agnostic.


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