[coreboot] Serengeti dts

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 22:23:15 CET 2008

I'm running with a very minimalized dts (attached) to try to get to the
point where a device gets matched correctly and disabled.  I think devices
that should be disabled are causing me grief in SimNOW.

This is a snippet of the log file that has me wondering what I'm doing

PCI: pci_scan_bus pci_probe_dev returns dev 0x00000000(None (not found))
PCI: devfn 0x8
pci_scan_get_dev: list is 0x000ce8bc, *list is 0x00000000
PCI: pci_scan_bus pci_scan_get_dev returns dev None (no dev in tree yet)
new_device: devcnt 14
find_device_operations: check all_device_operations[i] 0x0000d7a0
find_device_operations: cons 0x0000d7a0, cons id PCI: 1022:0001
find_device_operations: check all_device_operations[i] 0x0000d800
find_device_operations: cons 0x0000d800, cons id APIC_CLUSTER: 1022:1100
find_device_operations: check all_device_operations[i] 0x0000d860
find_device_operations: cons 0x0000d860, cons id PCI: 1022:1100
find_device_operations: check all_device_operations[i] 0x0000dc80
find_device_operations: cons 0x0000dc80, cons id PCI: 1022:7460
find_device_operations: check all_device_operations[i] 0x0000dc20
find_device_operations: cons 0x0000dc20, cons id PCI: 1022:7462
find_device_operations: match
PCI: 01:01.0 id PCI: 1022:7462 ops
PCI: 01:01.0 [PCI: 1022:7462] enabled
PCI: pci_scan_bus pci_probe_dev returns dev 0x00012c70(dynamic PCI: 01:01.0)
Not a multi function device, or the device is not present. Skip to next

Even though there's a match, a new device got created (dynamic PCI: 01:01.0)

Because of that, the enabled flag gets lost.

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