[coreboot] DFI Infinity NF570-M2/G motherboard

Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 12:28:11 CET 2008

I attach a patch to add the above to coreboot version 2

This board has a socketed BIOS, so after backing up the factory BIOS, I 
tried coreboot.

The patch just puts the directories dfi and nf570 in the appropriate 
places; I copied the files from gigabyte/m57sli and changed the name 

I made a filo.elf that I checked by booting with grub

I have not changed any code, because the above machine is very similer 
to the M57SLI

The only thing that fails is the network, the driver is found, 
(forcedeth NVidea), but it does not work, the flash screens on boot up 
are corrupt,  X is OK on Ubuntu.  Other than that, the machine is 
perfectly usable and I just rewrote the BIOS with the factory version, 
rebooted to get the network back.

Not got the serial link working yet; but I have a coreboot system that 
is very easy to work on.

Chris Lingard

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