[coreboot] Providing an identifier to a virtualization guest via SMBIOS

Bryan McLellan btm at loftninjas.org
Sat Oct 25 03:06:04 CEST 2008

I was digging around KVM trunk before leaving the office and it looked like the old vmport code (couldn't see anyone having used this with open-vm-tools though) has been scratched for some kind of qemu fw_cfg framework. Trunk does have a --uuid option, and it looks like with libvirt integration this at least will put the uuid of the guest somewhere on the guest where you can get to it. 

If there's no decent way to interact with the vmport code that is there now (to mimic vmware's setguestinfo), I'll wait for the next release of KVM.


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Hi Bryan,

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 03:33:02PM -0700, Bryan McLellan wrote:
> Ultimately I want a KVM/libvirt guest booting using the
> Coreboot/LinuxBIOS code to be able to figure out something unique
> about it's host (like hostname) to script inventory management type
> stuff (like iClassify).

Yes - the latest QEMU supports setting a UUID for the guest.  However,
it doesn't use the code currently found in the bochs bios.  The new
code (using something called vmport) just got checked into qemu.  I
suspect it's also in the tip of kvm (or about to added).

You probably want to ask on the qemu or kvm mailing lists.


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