[coreboot] r947 - coreboot-v3/northbridge/intel/i440bxemulation

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Fri Oct 24 09:01:14 CEST 2008

Am 23.10.2008 23:28, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger schrieb:
> Thanks for the patch. IIRC various qemu versions have different bugs in
> that area, so I'd appreciate to know on which version the code was tested.
The last fix in that area in Qemu is about >4Gbyte RAM scenarios, from
2008-04. It also writes a new set of registers, which we don't parse yet
(for >4GB only)
The last patch to Qemu before that, that affected those registers was
from 2004, so I think we're safe here.
> Please fix up the leftover warning message as indicated below.
ready to commit, but waiting for:
> The qemu mainboard dts needs to be fixed as well.
Uhm, what? The mainboard dts looks quite plain. However, the cmos.layout
could/should probably be extended.

Thanks for looking over it. It was lying around in a local copy, and I
couldn't find any negative response back in June, when I first posted it.


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