[coreboot] Invitation for Coreboot to Southern California Linux Expo 7x

Gareth J. Greenaway gareth at socallinuxexpo.org
Sat Oct 18 20:44:34 CEST 2008

Hey Ron!

Thanks for the quick response!  If I could get you to fill out the 
following information 
http://scale7x.socallinuxexpo.org/s7x_call_for_dotOrg_exhibitors (for 
the Coreboot exhibitor page on our web site) then we can go ahead and 
make it official.

As far as sponsors donating hardware to display, as long as the focus is 
on showcasing Coreboot and not the sponsors or the hardware then its 
perfectly fine.

Thanks again!

ron minnich wrote:
> we'll be there. Thakns for the invite. I will also submit a talk. This
> sound like a wonderful opportunity.
> OK, folks on the list, contact me if you want to help. Also, any
> vendors, if you want to sponsor hardware for display at the table, let
> me know -- Gareth, I assume that is not a problem?
> Thanks!
> ron
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