[coreboot] IB520 Embedded MoBo

Davide Visconti viscontidavide at tele2.it
Wed Oct 15 16:17:12 CEST 2008

I have try to build rom file but I have incountered several difficulties.
There insn't a simple howto step by step?
I follow the AMD_Geode_Porting_Guide but after download the buildrom
and coreboot.. for example where I must do the command make menuconfig 
and make?
I would want put into the bios the linux kernel for obtain a fast boot. 
If possibile? How?
Thak you in andvance.

Marc Jones ha scritto:
> Davide Visconti wrote:
>> I can following this howto... ? 
>> (http://www.coreboot.org/AMD_Geode_Porting_Guide)
> Yes, That link is the best for getting started on adding a new mainboard.
> If any parts are confusing please let us know so we can make that page 
> better.
> Thanks,
> Marc

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