[coreboot] Extra pairs of eyes

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 23:13:49 CEST 2008

I'm tired of staring at this piece of code wondering why printk isn't
working as I expected.  Can someone point out what I've obviously missed?

code (inserted in pci_device.c in pci_get_resource() right before the limit
mask and return):
    if (resource->flags)
    printk(BIOS_DEBUG, "%s resource base %08lx limit %08lx size %08lx flags
                   dev_path(dev), resource->base, resource->limit,
                resource->size, resource->flags);

    printk(BIOS_DEBUG, "\t%s size %lx align %lx gran %lx\n",
            dev_path(dev), resource->size,
            resource->align, resource->gran);
    printk(BIOS_DEBUG, " just broken size %08lx\n", resource->size);

    printk(BIOS_DEBUG, " broken align %lx\n", resource->align);
    printk(BIOS_DEBUG, "%s resource size %08lx flags %08lx\n",
                   dev_path(dev), resource->size, resource->flags);

    printk(BIOS_DEBUG, "%s align %lx gran %lx\n",
            resource->align, resource->gran);
PCI: 01:00.0 resource base 00000000 limit 00000000 size ffffffff flags
    PCI: 01:00.0 size 1000 align 0 gran c
 just broken size 00001000
 broken align c
PCI: 01:00.0 resource size 00001000 flags 00000000
PCI: 01:00.0 align c gran c

Notice that size is ffffffff in the first, 0x1000 in the rest.
Align is 0 in the first, c in the rest.

It looks like printk is botching it.  I don't know how else to explain it.
Is there a limit to the number of arguments you can pass to printk?
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