[coreboot] alix.2c3 stops at mainboard_pre_payload: done

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Oct 9 21:29:35 CEST 2008

Roman Yeryomin wrote:
> finally I got it working!


> versions/revisions I use: libpayload r3640, filo r80, coreboot r912
> didn't try compression yet but it works for me ONLY with preparsed
> payload (and adding it manually, not within coreboot build system)

Hm, ok. Yes, the build system doesn't include either VSA or payload.
I'd love to get that fixed.

> ./build/util/lar/lar -l bios.bin
> Total size = 165534B 161KB (0x2869e)
> comparing to your image I don't have zerofill, does this matter?

Only for boot speed. zerofill is used to "finalize" the larball so
that scanning it's contents is as fast as possible. Without it,
coreboot spends a lot of time during boot searching for files in
unprogrammed flash memory.

> one more issue I've noticed: kernel boots fine and seems to work ok
> but I don't have serial console anymore.. :( do you have it working
> on your alix?

Yes, works well on the 1c.

> what could be the problem?

My 1c has the serial port on a superio chip. I recognize this problem
from other boards. I also have a 3c3 where I saw this before I fried
the 5536 ATA driver.


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