[coreboot] corebootV2 Can support IEI lx-800 mainboard?

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Oct 9 19:25:37 CEST 2008


wangdu2002 wrote:
> I am a Chinese,I brower your site,I am sorry,my english is poor.

Don't worry. :) Welcome to the coreboot community!

> I have a mainboard ,IEI lx-800 ,cpu Amd Geode 500HZ,like support
> mainboard lists IEI pcisa-lx-800,corebootV2
> Can support this mainboard? this board datasheet in appendix.

This mainboard is quite similar to boards that are already supported,
in particular the PCISA-LX-800 that you mention, which is also made
by IEI.

If you have the WAFER board available for development, I would
suggest that you acquire one extra flash chip (store the original
flash chip in a safe place) and simply try using coreboot that is
meant for the PCISA-LX-800 board on the WAFER-LX-800 board. It is
possible that it will work very well, but it could also not work at
all. The success depends on which differencens the two boards have.

> http://www.iei.com.tw can fund it.

Adding support for this mainboard should be straightforward if it can
be done in cooperation with the vendor IEI. Certain documentation
about the mainboard or at least an engineering contact at IEI will be

Please note that the ISA/PC104 DMA functionality in IT8888 requires a
special VSA DDMA module from AMD that has not been used with coreboot
before as far as I know. If ISA DMA is required in your application
it is important to investigate this matter in more detail.

If you (or ITE) would like to discuss a contract for adding support
for this mainboard, I am one of several on this mailing list who
offer such services. But first I suggest that you make an attempt
with coreboot for the PCISA-LX-800 - it may work perfectly.

Please let me stress the importance of using a second flash chip if
you do not have access to a standalone flash chip programmer.

It would be interesting to hear what your results are if you decide
to try this experiment!

> thanks you for free software!

Thank you for your interest!


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