[coreboot] Intel Menlow platform again - is anybody working on this?

Piotr Kempa piotr.kempa at sigarden.com
Tue Oct 7 12:40:13 CEST 2008

This is what I would like to do, ideally. However, there are two points
to note here:

1. I hear rumors that Intel is generally against coreboot (maybe
somebody could prove me wrong here?) because they're betting on their
own (U)EFI system, which is more or less 'closed'. Which is why I doubt
any Intel guys would really help us. But if you (Intel guys) are out
there and reading this and willing to help, please prove me wrong!

2. Because of 1 above, even if we get necessary documentation on chipset
and CPU, I fear Intel can legally forbid us from using this
documentation to contribute to coreboot (with NDA or something), so we
would not be able to use their documents to write open source code. This
is a legal problem and I'm far from being a lawyer so this might be much
more complicated (or simple) than I'm imagining.

Taking both into account if we get docs and a green light from Intel to
work on coreboot using those docs, I'll be more than happy on sharing
all our developments and if they are working well, maybe they can even
be included in the main project trunk, who knows?


Karl-Heinz Nirschl wrote:
> hi,
> this would be a very interessting platform! maybe you could put your
> ideas on the moblin mailing list - there should be some intel guys
> around that may be able to help you.
> would be great to hear about the progress.
> cheers,
> khn
> 2008/10/6 Piotr Kempa <piotr.kempa at sigarden.com>:
>> Hi,
>> Yes, it has to be Atom, we're too far down that road to turn back.
>> We're working on getting docs, but haven't got them yet. If we can't get
>> them, reverse engineering is probably out of the question - too much
>> effort vs not very good reliability probably.
>> Piotr
>> ron minnich wrote:
>>> does it have to be an atom? Not a Via or AMD part?
>>> can you get docs?
>>> ron
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