[coreboot] Intel Menlow platform again - is anybody working on this?

Piotr Kempa piotr.kempa at sigarden.com
Mon Oct 6 16:03:54 CEST 2008


I have been wondering if anybody picked up the work on Intel Menlow
platform (Silverthorne/Atom CPU & Poulsbo chipset)? I saw some past
posts from people interested but I could not find anything further, so
maybe this is a dead end right now.
I'm a part of a small company (called SiGarden) that is in progress of
designing a MID/UMPC device and we consider using coreboot as the BIOS
(booting Linux). We just need a minimal system initialization, enough
only to boot Linux (Ubuntu Mobile distro). I want to estimate the effort
to adapt coreboot to our system. Now since we are the system designer,
it should be a bit easier for us since we know what is inside and
everything. I understand we still need Intel documentation on the
chipset and CPU initialization and we are in contact with them although
we haven't received anything of the sort yet and I understand it is
going to be a tough battle to win :)

Getting back to the subject: if anybody is working on Menlow/Poulsbo
then it would be best if we joined efforts instead of working separate,
I think. Please let me know!

Piotr Kempa

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