[coreboot] Exact status of gPXE support?

Chris Kilgour techie at whiterocker.com
Fri Oct 3 02:42:02 CEST 2008

>>    There could possibly exist some code segment in PXElinux that
>>    depends on either 16-bit mode, or lagacy Bios calls, but I do
>>    not a priori know that with any certainty!
> Yes, PXE requires real mode and BIOS interrupt services.

For what it's worth, I first was looking at gPXE on coreboot in order to
run PXE, because I had been happily using PXE previously on COTS hardware.

But after realizing that PXE requires a standard real-mode BIOS, I gave
up on PXE under coreboot, and moved to simply booting a mkelfimage
binary transferred over HTTP.  That could be done with etherboot, and I
think that generally people are happy with rom-o-matic ELFs as a
coreboot payload for that purpose.  However, since the gPXE project has
newer things that etherboot will never have (like support for more,
newer ethernet controllers), I felt it was worthwhile to get gPXE
building and booting, at least in a pared-down form, under coreboot.


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