[coreboot] Status of OpenVSA?

Chris Kilgour techie at whiterocker.com
Thu Oct 2 23:13:52 CEST 2008

Stephen Crocker wrote:
> I have been experimenting with the OpenVSA code and have found that it
> becomes stuck on POST code 17.  By adding extra codes, I have narrowed
> this down to the SAVE_STATE macro, which reads the PCI address port
> (cf8).
> Furthermore, in order to build it, I had to remove the -Werror flag
> from the Makefile because of several "cast from pointer to integer of
> different size" errors.

Excellent to hear someone is tinkering!  I haven't had time yet to push
openvsa any further along.  Patches are most welcome.

> What is the status of the OpenVSA code at the moment?  Are these known
> problems or could it be a problem with my build environment?  Has
> anyone used it successfully?

AFAIK, no one has used it successfully.

Marc at AMD reported problems when he tried it early on, when the
repository was first seeded.  We committed a few patches related to
build environment and licensing, but that's it -- no patches on getting
the code itself fixed up.

Have you got a Geode platform with the FS2 debugger?  It would be great
to get some folks with the time and gear on openvsa.


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