[coreboot] Exact status of gPXE support?

Mats Erik Andersson mats.andersson at gisladisker.se
Thu Oct 2 14:13:46 CEST 2008

Hi there!

Spurred by the tellings of Chris Kilgour on his modifications
to gPXE and libpayload, paired with my own inability to find
the full answer as to the interface between Coreboot and gPXE,
I now plead to those of you with thorough insight:

   To what extent does gPXE presently interface "well" with Coreboot?
   Is the position identical for coreboot-v2 and coreboot-v3?

To be specific for my present intents, my interest is not
primarily geared towards the ability to use gPXE and ELF-images,
but is more basic:

   1. Is there an available and ready interface in Coreboot
      that allows the detection of an PXE-ROM image inside
      an PCI ethernet card adapter? Can execution be transferred
      to a copy of that code segment?

   2. Is it known whether a "slimmed down" gPXE can be built and
      incorporated into a Coreboot image under the lesser demand
      that the purpose of the gPXE code is only that of getting
      and running the executable "pxelinux.0", fetched from another
      server, thus making the system autonomous? There could possibly
      exist some code segment in PXElinux that depends on either
      16-bit mode, or lagacy Bios calls, but I do not a priori know
      that with any certainty!

The previous discussions and informations that I have found,
they were all centered on the ELF format and its concequences
for Coreboot in conjunction with gPXE/Etherboot. I would gladly
receive pointers and references that prove me wrong or my
misconceptions to be grave!

Kind regards

Mats E Andersson

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