[coreboot] splash screen

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Oct 2 02:30:49 CEST 2008

Jordan Crouse wrote:
> As a comparison - Ron's screenshot:
> .png - 97466  bytes
> .jpg - 46877  bytes
> .rle - 24846  bytes

What about .lzma? If it's going into the larball, we already have
compression implemented, and it would be nice to have lossless
graphics and less computation.

Maybe we can even blit? How does lzma perform on bitmaps?

> Implementation wise - the LSS16 function I just wrote is about 40
> lines of code with lots of whitespace.

My only problem with LSS16 is that it's clearly designed for, and
thus limited to, a 16-color VGA mode. (The palette gives it away.)

For a 21st century firmware designed for 21st century hardware I
would like to have 21st century graphics. Please?

If we want to do modesetting (no) we could pick the nearest larger
mode and center the image. I am fine with picking one mode for now
and centering the image, possibly cropping it's edges.

As for formats, there are many choices. PCX is RLE but with some
metadata to allow for more image sizes and bit depths. PNG would
be cool because it is ubiquitous, however it isn't super simple.


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