[coreboot] Need a direction

Timmothie (Timmo') Baker team at potchan.org
Thu Nov 27 07:46:44 CET 2008


Maybe I need some direction where to ask my question.

Who am I ?

I'm Timmo' at (in-buiding stage) http://potchan.org. On my upcoming site I  
simplify a PuppyLinux fork named Muppy
to a target of d' most lefthanded innocent users available.

My three "technical demands" from a Potchan (=opener) user R:

1.	Can you send an email on your own ?
2.	Can you make a toast with a TOASTER without a technician's aid ?
3. 	Can you adjust 1st. BIOS boot to CD/DVD-ROM ?
	(-this 3rd. one is an OBSTICLE to many innocent ones).

Me myself stand on a better place technically, but not too much better  
than this.

Where I succeed simplification ?

The main Potchan sits on an unzipped folder 2Gb+ you put on root HD ("c"  
or "d" don't matter).
You can do it from your Windows/else session.

Next, with one click user burns about 7M bootie files on CD.

This is AFAIK my succeed without any help.

Where do I FAIL simplification ?

The CD doesn't "tell" PC where to boot itself. If BIOS is not configured  
as CD/DVD to B its 1st.
boot - the user I want so much is about to freaks-out on me, or even  
worse: needs help from a buddy.
This buddy can help but it also unsimplifies process. A buddy can also  
influence "my" innocent one
not to go-on. So I lose my 'examplar' user before getting even my 1st.  
real one ...

I'd like my 3rd. demand - a HUGE barrier to manyones - to be cancelled.

So my question is :

Can my bootCD/DVD tell PC to bypass whatever BIOS says and boot from  
(If you don't have a clue. Who does ?)


Timmo' at http://potchan.org

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