[coreboot] TCPA support

Thomas Jourdan tjourdan at neuf.fr
Tue Nov 25 00:10:54 CET 2008

Le lundi 24 novembre 2008 à 20:45 +0100, Rudolf Marek a écrit :
> > There is some question as to the legal status of re-using tables - in 
> > the absence of any clear legal guidance I think that we should err on 
> > the side of safety and not allow tables from commercial BIOSen.
> It wont work because lot of I/O resources is static in the ACPI. Creating some 
> minimalistic ACPI tables should not be too difficult.
> http://www.coreboot.org/ACPI_in_coreboot
> Rudolf

I added basic support to create a TCPA ACPI table. The TCPA table have 2
specific fields : log_address and max_log_length. The log address should
point to a buffer of max_log_length bytes (0x10000 in my case) in the
ACPI Non-volatile Storage.

I guess this is the responsability of coreboot to reserve a portion of
RAM for the ACPI NV Storage. I'm interested in adding this
functionnality in coreboot but how usefull is it ? 


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