[coreboot] Resource Allocator for v3

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Mon Nov 24 16:08:01 CET 2008

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> Peter Stuge wrote:
> > > 4. set_resources
> I thought about simply making these more phases in stage 2. How do
> you feel about that?

I guess you'll have to bring me up to speed here.  Right now we have:
Phase3 - device discovery
Phase4 - resource allocation
Phase5 - resource setting
Phase6 - device enable


Are you saying to add:
Phase4a - resource reading
Phase4b - resource summing
Phase4c - resource value assigning

I'm not sure that there's enough work in each of those to justify a separate
phase.  Especially because I'd like to make the resource summing generic
enough that it never needs to get overwritten.  Did I get your intent right?
> I would also like us to clear up the stage 0 vs. stage 1 confusion.
> We have more quite distinct parts than we actually have defined
> parts. We should fix that now. There are already too many files in
> the tree.

I'm not up to speed on this discussion at all.

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