[coreboot] [PATCH] v3: Fix parts of the Winbond W83627HF dts

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Nov 16 16:07:20 CET 2008

Uwe Hermann wrote:
> > Hopefully that will minimize the need to override defaults in
> > the mainboard dts.
> I don't know, I have mixed feeling with the Super I/O dts files. I
> somehow preferred the v2 way of setting all values explicitly in
> the board's Config.lb (now the board's dts).

I am completely with Myles. I want useful defaults in superio/dtses.

> It's not very likely that any of the Super I/O values are the same
> as the defaults we set.

? These are mostly legacy devices that have to stay at known
addresses for best compatibility.

> My bet is that _all_ boards will override _all_ LDN values (and
> that makes the board dts a lot more readable and easier to
> understand too, IMHO).

I think that's a sad goal. How it turns out depends on what we do. If
we have sane defaults in superio/dts then no mainboard/dtses need to
bother. That is as it should be.


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