[coreboot] Resource allocation

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 22:14:28 CET 2008

OK, this is very, very close.

But: you don't need these I think:
+	floppyconf = "0";

Why? because the dt compiler merges the values of the mainboard dts
and the superio dts to produce the statictree.c In other words, if you
don't set anything in the
mainboard dts entry for ioport at 2e, then the struct will get the
default values. Any values over-ridden by the mainboard dts get
changed, but nothing else does.

So, given that you can set all these variables in the superio dts, or
leave them at default, there is no need to say "I am setting these in
the mainboard dts".

You can thus simplify the patch a good deal by yanking the *conf stuff
out, in both the dts and the .c files.


p.s. it's really close, and it's really better, so hang in there.

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