[coreboot] ### Bios

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Nov 12 22:34:07 CET 2008

Steve Spano wrote:
> We using an SST/Pflash 512KB FWH device.

Do you know the exact part number? I guess it's SST49LF004A or
SST49LF004B, right?

> I think SST is getting away from all FWH but could be wrong.

I think they'll still keep the 8 and 16Mbit parts for a while. They
have SST49LF008A which is 1Mbyte FWH, and SST49LF016C which is the
2Mbyte part.

> Glad to hear the YAFFS2+NAND+IDE will be good. Although, I don't
> seem to see the NAND over IDE MTD driver in my kernel tree. Need
> to keep looking for that one....

Does it need special treatment? I assumed it just works<tm> with the
regular pata_cs5536 driver. I know coreboot can set up the NAND. I
thought that would be enough?


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