[coreboot] ### Bios

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Nov 12 22:14:03 CET 2008

Hi Steve,

Steve Spano wrote:
> Is anyone aware of a 2Mbyte PLCC32 BIOS flash prom that can be used
> with the AMD LX800 / CS5536?

Yes, at least SST have parts that fit.

Depending on if you need LPC or FWH you can get the SST49LF160C
or SST49LF016C parts. One of them is dual mode (both LPC and FWH) and
the other does only one mode, but I forget which is which.
Unfortunately the data sheets are not very clear on this. :\

Which part is your system using at the moment? That will indicate if
you need LPC or FWH.

> I would like to use coreboot V2 to directly launch the Linux kernel
> as an ELF payload and then use a YAFFS2 filesystem to access a NAND
> flash on the IDE bus.

That should work beautifully!


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