[coreboot] SVN patch commit script

Jordan Crouse jordan at cosmicpenguin.net
Tue Nov 11 22:12:01 CET 2008

In my previous life I had a patch to commit patches directly to the SVN 
tree, but I stupidly left it behind.  The good news is that I re-wrote 
it (and I think its better now), so I wanted to send it out so that it 
could be saved for posterity.

I wrote this script because I use quilt for patch management in the SVN 
trees.  Thats really good for me (because quilt is awesome), but it has 
a flaw in that if I commit an applied patch to the SVN tree then quilt 
gets really confused (as you can expect).  Thats where this script comes 
in - I pop all the patches off the tree, and use this script to commit 
them and then I just delete them from the quilt stack.  It also lets me 
review the log before submitting so I can make sure it was signed/acked off.

So, here is is - if it is useful for you then awesome, if not, then oh, 
well.  Suggestions for improvement also welcome.

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