[coreboot] How coreboot cooperate with other "bioses"

Michal Widlok michalwd1979 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 18:45:40 CET 2008

I am thinking about trying coreboot on a server (dell 2850) and after
reading of some manuals I fall into doubts. My question is how
coreboot work with other bioses / firmwares that are usually presented
on a server boards? For example on my PE2850 I can see messages
(during boot-up) from: 1) Original Bios, 2) RAID controller, 3) BMC
controller, 4) Backplane 1, 5) Backplane 2, 6) IPMI. Some of them
(BMC, Raid, Backplane) can be even upgraded from OS or boot disk. Also
some of them have a setup screen similar to original Bios, that can be
accessed by special key press.
 How coreboot will handle them?

Next problem is that I am not sure how to find Bios flash memory on
mainboard. The are about  3 candidates  (flash chips with stickers),
however they are all very similar - how to pick the right one?

I never though about coreboot before, however some time ago I have
seen a Work In Progress for dell 1850 (very similar to mine) and
decide learn something about it. Was coreboot really installed on this
dell? If yes then how physically it was done?

Best Regards,
Michael W.

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